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Sami Yusuf - Allahu

Sami Yusuf - You Came To Me Sami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa Sami Yusuf - Worry Ends Sami Yusuf - Without You Highest Quality Sami Yusuf - Without You Sami Yusuf - Who Is The Loved One Sami Yusuf - Wherever You Are Sami Yusuf - Try Not To Cry Sami Yusuf - Trials Of Life Sami Yusuf - This Man Sami Yusuf - The Source Sami Yusuf - The Creator Sami Yusuf - The Cave Of Hira Sami Yusuf - Supplication Sami Yusuf - Salutation Sami Yusuf - Sallou Sami Yusuf - Salaam Sami Yusuf - Not In My Name Sami Yusuf - No Word Is Worthy Sami Yusuf - Never Never Sami Yusuf - My Only Wish Sami Yusuf - Munajat Arabic Sami Yusuf - Muhammad Sami Yusuf - Mother Sami Yusuf - Meditation Sami Yusuf - Make Me Strong Sami Yusuf - Make A Prayer Sami Yusuf - İn Every Tear He Is There Sami Yusuf - Hear Your Call Sami Yusuf - Healing Sami Yusuf - He Is There Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi Sami Yusuf - Give The Young A Chance Sami Yusuf - Free Sami Yusuf - Fragile World Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises Sami Yusuf - Forever Palestine Sami Yusuf - Eid Song Sami Yusuf - Dua Sami Yusuf - Asma Allah Sami Yusuf - Anything For You Sami Yusuf - Allahumme Salli Ala Sami Yusuf - Allahu Allah Sami Yusuf - Al Muallim Sami Yusuf - A Thousand Times
Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Truly He is the One He has no father or son Everything in creation was by Him begun With His infinite power anything could be done Ask Allah for His Pardon And you’ll enter the Garden *** Before Him there were none Of partners He has none He knows what is apparent and what is hidden All the fate of creation has already been written His Will is always done And can never be undone *** From amongst all humans Muhammad was chosen He was illiterate and he was an orphan Yet Allah sent him to those who were pagans Oh Allah let us drink From his hand in the fountain *** Ya Allah You’re the Sovereign You’re the Sultan of Sultans Please protect me from Shaytan and all of his treason Let him not with his whispers my iman ever weaken My only wish in this life Is to attain Your Pardon

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Muhammed Samed Demişki ; Süper ing hocası ezberleyin dedi asuman Demişki ; ALLAH'IN (c.c.) insanoğluna bahşettiği musiki kabiliyetini hayırlı yönde kullanıp, manevi duy canlar Demişki ; Elinize sağlık Havva Demişki ; elinize sağlık cok güzel olmuş ali Demişki ; süperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Toplam İlahi : 1924 Toplam Sanatçı: 227 Toplam İlahi Sözü : 814 Toplam Yorum : 110 Toplam Üye : 499
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